Natural Air Freshener

When my house smells good, it just feels better, warmer, more inviting. I am not a fan of all of the plug-in or battery powered air fresheners that require refills. They usually tend to be costly, unless you find great deals on them with coupons. I prefer to not have those chemicals floating around in the air we breathe. I will occasionally light a candle to serve the purpose but again chemicals are released in the air, not to mention the soot that builds up on the walls over time.
One of my favorite air fresheners is all natural and costs next to nothing.
Today I sliced a few clementines that were going bad, sprinkled in some cloves and added water. Another one of my favorites is an apple or two with cinnamon. In a small pot I just let it simmer on the stove for a good part of the day. More often during the winter when we keep the fire in the wood burning stove going, I will put the pan on top of that to stay warm. There is something so cozy about the fire/sweet smell that radiates through the house. Knowing that the smell is coming from something natural and inexpensive makes it even better and more worthwhile.
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    Ooooo yes! My favorite is orange peals and cinnamon sticks (got tons of sticks on clearance last year, didn't know what to do with them all and this is perfect!)

    Thanks for linking up! 😉

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    i can almost smell it from here!

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    What a great use for all our orange peels. I'm on my way to the kitchen to set something a simmerin'. Thanks for the great idea.

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    Ooh, I hadn't thought to put something in the water-pot that sits on the wood stove. Thanks Maria.

    When I prune the herbs I throw what's been pruned in the fire for a nice smell.

    Hope you are all warm and cozy despite the blizzard conditions there!

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    hmmm cozy! I will give this a try thanks!

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    Wow!!really an oranges and now this idea added one extra flavor..


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