2011 has started off little hectic for us. I’m hoping things work out and the rest of the year proves otherwise. Here’s a quick update of the good, bad and in-between.
*3 weeks ago a toilet overflowed in the basement and flooded all 5 of the main rooms down there. Bad enough that it required ripping up all of the flooring to dry it out. Only to find out that underneath the carpet are asbestos tiles on the cement floor. It has all since been dealt with including lots of new paint, carpet and linoleum.
*Just this morning we found out why the van has been vibrating terribly, among other things. Tires that are shredding and could rupture at any time, bushings, fixing the speedometer and whatever else could be causing the check engine light to keep coming on would have taken this repair bill to well over $1000. We’re van shopping.
*For many reasons, including the van shopping, I will be starting in-home daycare in May. Aside from the necessary income, the kids are excited to help and have new kids(especially babies) here to play with every day.

*Lilly gave up here beloved blanket in late December. It was tough for a week or two but she has done a wonderful job of adjusting to being such a big girl. She said all along she wanted to pass it down to her baby cousin, Emily. Just last month she asked me where I had it hidden and declared that it was time to pass it on. She also wanted to make sure that when Emily is done with it that she really wants to have it back to keep for her babies someday when she is a mommy!
*My therapy in dealing with the first few items on this list has been knitting and planning my garden. My last finished project was a pair of leg warmers for this little girl who really wants to wear dresses to church, even when it’s REALLY cold outside.

*We have also taken time to get out and explore on some neat field trips. Thankfully this was all just part of the emergency personnel’s explanation of how they help people into an ambulance. Toby volunteered to be strapped onto the bed and hoisted into the ambulance. We came home with some great reminders about fire safety and the kids were very persistant about practicing our fire escape plan.
*We have also been out to see bald eagles, a show at the Civic Center and a presentation by Polk County Conservation among others. We are hoping to make it out to a maple syrup tapping presentation this month and have plans for a tour of the local post office.
*My heart tests all came back normal, thankfully. Having ruled that out they are leaning toward stress and anxiety as causes for my symptoms. I can’t imagine why! Maybe more knitting and garden planning will help!
All in all, we are very blessed and thankful for all that the Lord provides for us. We are constantly amazed at how a window opens every time a door closes. We are surrounded by an amazing support system of friends and relatives. We are all healthy, clothed, have a great home and each other. We have all we really need.


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    So good to have you to by yesterday we are so glad you did. Was anxious to see how the pillowcase dress would fit. We are all so blessed! Come again soon. Love Grandma & Grandpa

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    Was not sure that my first comment went threw. But we had a great time yesterday

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    Good gosh…what a bunch of headaches you've had to deal with!! You scared me, with the photo of Toby being loaded into the ambulance, and the explanation AFTER the photo! Speaking of bald eagles…are you following our Our House Of Joyful Noise Facebook Page? I have a link there, of a live stream of bald eagles nesting!! The mom and dad take turns sitting on the eggs, which are due to hatch 3/31, or 4/1. If you go to my blog, you can see the Facebook button int he sidebar….it'll take you right to our FB Page. Lots of extras there. So 'Like' it while you are there!
    Good luck with the daycare!!

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