Have you heard of lapbooks? If not, here are a couple of sites to show you just what they are:

Lapbooks have been such a wonderful resource for our little homeschool. We did a few last year; honeybees, mosquitos, plants, and penguins. This year we just finished up an eagle lapbook as we have been watching the live eagle cam from Decorah. The kids really enjoy them and seem to learn so much in doing them too. Not only do they learn the facts related to the topic we are studying but they learn to do research, to identify fact from fiction, to figure out the placement of items within the lapbook, to find books at the library related to a topic, and SO much more.

So far, we have mainly done them in times when we start to get into a rut with our daily lessons and need to spice things up a bit. I have been in planning mode for next year already though and lapbooks are going to be a very important part of our curriculum for science and geography. I’ll have the supplies all printed out and ready to go for the year to make things easier as we go. Then all we’ll need to do is get the library books on our regular trips there.

Whether you do them every once in a while when you need a break from the mundane, mix them in for a certain subject or two, or do them as your entire curriculum, I would highly recommend giving them a try. Not only will the kids(and you) learn a lot, they will also have the book that they make to keep and look back on to continue to learn from.

Extra bonus: it’s all free!

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