I don’t always remember it myself. Sometimes I need a friendly reminder too. But recently I was able to help 2 different friends remember it and I thought maybe I could remind you too:


We only have ONE childhood to share with our children. They will be this age ONCE. One time. For one short, quickly-passing year. Before you know it they won’t be babies anymore and need to be held. Before you know it they won’t want to sit on your lap and listen to you read one more book. Before you know it they won’t want to sit and chat at bedtime just because they like your company. They are only young once. We won’t ever get this time back with them. Never again will my kids be 6 and 4.

I can read all those books, scrapbook, organize and clean my house, figure out how to do all those things I want to do any old day after I’ve given all I’ve got to these precious souls that God has entrusted to me. Little old me. For some reason He thought that I was worthy of teaching them to be great people. People who love Him and will serve Him and share His love and His story throughout their lives. Who am I to question His motives? I do know I’m only human though and there are days that I fail, big time. Days that I forget how fleeting my time is to do my best to lead them on the right path. But for the most part I remember and I try. I try. And I have to believe that He knows I’m doing my best.


So even though each night, when I look back over my day, if all I accomplished was wiping noses, playing Lego’s, feeding, laundering, picking up after, reading to, talking to, teaching, disciplining, giving hugs and kisses, bathing, tucking in….as long as I did them out of love and to share the glory of our Lord with my children and those who we come in contact with throughout our day, then I have done my duty here on this earth. Hopefully I’ll have many more days to catch up on all that other stuff later. And if I don’t, at least I’ve done what really matters.


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    And we are so proud of you!!!!What a real joy it is to be a parent, then a grandparent & evenutally a great grandparent. We get so little time with them under our roof. you are enjoying them & doing a great job.
    Our love always.
    Grandma Campbellr

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    I just wanted to welcome you to Growing Naturally. 🙂


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