Weekend Wanderings

We just had the best weekend!

It started out pretty normal, Friday morning we had Toby’s 7 year well-check visit with the doctor.  He’s being referred to the eye doctor again and it looks like come September he’ll join the ranks of us who need glasses.  His sight in his right eye is 20/70.   

Saturday I canned 5 batches of mulberry jelly and the kids and I took naps.  Saturday night we had a dinner to go to and spent time with some fun people from church.  We ended that night visiting with great friends who took care of the kids for us while we went to dinner. 

Sunday we went to mass, then Mark helped our neighbors cut down a HUGE tree in their front yard.  That was pretty exciting but nerve-wracking to watch!IMG_2469

After lunch Sunday afternoon we loaded up and went out my sister’s place to fish in her pond.  We are really trying to be intentional about taking our Sundays back and making them a family day of rest.  We avoid shopping on Sundays and try not to do much besides mass and being together as a family.IMG_2474

We decided we would try to fish for our dinner and the fish cooperated nicely.  We came home with 21!  The kids had such a great time fishing, playing in the sand, feeding the horses and just hanging out.  I can’t believe how good they are at fishing now.  Toby is able to bait his hook, catch the fish, take the fish off and put it in the bucket!  I’m not sure how he became so big all of the sudden! 

 IMG_2477 (688x1024)

We made it home and got the fish cleaned just in time before the storms stared rolling in.  Dinner that night was one of our favorites and the kids were so proud of the fact that they provided most of our meal!  We had fried fish, fried potatoes & onions and a green salad from our garden.  Topped the night off with some homemade chokecherry pie with fresh whipped cream.

That night the wind whipped up so hard that it moved our trampoline about 25 feet and into a tree and blew my new arbor over in the garden.  Luckily everything was able to be mended and put back in place.  Thankfully we didn’t have any large limbs or trees come down.

IMG_2481 (1024x768)

Monday we spent time running errands and getting the yard/house in order for a grill out that night.  Monday night we had 4 wonderful families over for a night that turned out to be just perfect.  Mark was the grill master and we all chipped in for a delicious feast! 


The kids played and played and played so great together.  There were 17 kids and 9 adults(1 couldn’t make it) and it was awesome! 


The kids jumped on the trampoline, played house, played Legos, played “Narnia”, played kickball with the dads, quizzed each other on the 10 Commandments, caught fireflies, roasted s’mores and so much more.  It is so heart-warming to see the bonds that are forming in this group of kids.  The older girls loved on the babies and all the kids just match up so well with each other while everyone watches out for the youngest of them.  They got along so well that the adults were able to hang out by the campfire and solve all the world’s problems, chat theology, politics, parenting, and just life in general, pray, sing, and just relax in the fellowship of great friends. 


The dad’s took the kids home just after dark(when the mosquitos took over!) and the mom’s cleaned up and then hung out talking until almost 1:00a.m.  We are so extremely blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.  What a weekend full of great memories! 

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