Fabric Scrap Wall Pockets

I was feeling the need to complete something today.  It feels like lately I’ve been treading water in most other areas of my life so it felt good to take a break from planning, working, homemaking, etc.  While sorting through sewing goods this morning I realized that I already had plenty of scrap material to make Toby’s wall pockets.  The kids asked if they could help so they picked out material, chose the pocket placement and a few other little odd jobs.  We started this project around 10:30 this morning and after breaking for lunch and a few other distractions, we finished it and had it hung by 2:30.  What slowed me down was lining all of the pockets with denim from an old pair of Toby’s jeans.  I am thrilled with how it turned out and Toby is even more thrilled to fill the pockets.  So far they are full of his current books, a notebook and pencils, reading light, lantern, rosary, lucky golf ball, small bible, and who knows what else.

IMG_2938 (1024x971)

The materials used were:

long straight stick from the yard

plaid material from an old footstool slipcover(kept it ‘just in case’)

material on the back to make it double thick is upholstery fabric from the new patio swing cushions I made recently

denim pockets from a pair of Toby’s old jeans

Toby’s favorite baseball T-shirt

an old checked shirt of Mark’s(kids thought it was super cool to cut up all these clothes!)

the brighter patterned fabric is leftover scraps from bean bags and boo-boo bags I have made

all of the pockets are double thickness with denim from the same pair of jeans

random buttons from my stash 

IMG_2939 (1024x734)

In the end this project cost me absolutely nothing since it was all leftover scrap materials.  The time invested was well worth it.  Especially since the kids had a part in helping to create it. 

*Side note:  I initially had all of the pockets randomly placed to get a visual but then decided to let Toby place them since it is his.  As you can tell, he loves order and symmetry.  He placed everything so that it “looks like it’s in order” and I had to make an extra small pocket for the opposite side to balance it out for him.  He is SO like me.    

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