Simple home remedies: bee sting and heartburn relief

Natural Heartburn Relief:

A few nights ago I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner and it was delicious…..the first time.  Certain foods trigger some nasty heartburn in me and the fresh onion I used in the meatloaf is one of them.  Mark had an evening meeting after dinner that night and in desperation I sent him a text plea to pick up some TUMS so that I could get some relief before trying to go to bed.  Then I decided to try to find something more natural and that I had on hand.  Was I ever surprised and relieved to find something that not only worked quickly but really well!  Several online sites recommended things from apple cider vinegar to raw honey to baking soda, chamomile, ginger and bananas.  I knew I had some apple cider vinegar and raw honey so I chose them.  The use of either one by themselves are believed to give relief but I was not sure how the taste of the vinegar would be drinking it straight. 

So, I downed a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and then chased it down with a teaspoon of raw honey.  I had immediate relief and the heartburn did not even hint at coming back.  Amazing results.  It would have taken several TUMS throughout the night to get anything close to this.  Next time I may just try the raw honey by itself and see if it’s as successful. 

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Natural Bee Sting Relief:

Toby stepped on a bee today and was stung right on the bottom of his little foot.  Poor guy.  This is his second sting in his short 7 years of life.  After removing the stinger with tweezers I pulled a couple of plantain leaves from the yard and had him hold them on the sting while I immediately mixed up a baking soda/water paste and applied it to the sting.  We have used this before on him and Mark with great results(minus the plantain). 

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I just recently read about the many benefits of plantain and wanted to try it.  Within minutes he was feeling relief from the sting.  We elevated his foot(while I distracted him with snapping beans!) until the pain completely subsided and then have iced it off and on all night.  The area is a bit swollen and tender to walk on but the majority of the pain and all of the stinging feeling are gone.

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These are a couple of easy and very frugal ideas to have tucked away.  I hope they’ll come in handy for you someday too.  Not that I wish heartburn and bee stings on you but you know what I mean!

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