The Clothesline

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Hanging clothes on the line makes me so happy.  Hanging 2 loads out there at once makes it even more worthwhile. 

These clothesline T’s were out in the middle of what is now our “prairie in progress”.  I don’t know how old they are but I am pretty sure that Mark’s grandparents used them.  His grandfather may have actually put them in their original spot.  For years they were hidden by the overgrowth in that area of the property.  When we started restoring that area to native prairie Mark pulled them out and set them aside for later use.  For a long time I wondered if hanging clothes out to dry would affect the seasonal allergy sufferers in our family.  Now that 1/2 of us have been on allergy injections for several years, with great success, I figured it was time to give it a try.  So we found the perfect spot and Mark got it all set up for me.  I am so loving it.  I honestly don’t think I’ve used my dryer more than 3 times in the last 2 months and no one seems to be sneezing or itching more than normal.  That rocks.  Plus there’s just something about walking out there barefoot with a basket of clothes and taking the time to listen, smell and take in the outdoors…..all while doing laundry!  Sorting and folding the clothes as they come off the line makes things go a lot smoother too.  Not that it gets put away any quicker but at least now we have baskets of folded clothes sitting around.  Just keeping it real.   


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    I remember when you thought I was crazy for hanging my laundry. It is a bit addictive isn’t it? Love, Love, Love the smell of blankets and sheets coming off the line. Makes me sleep better! Glad you got yours up and you are enjoying it!

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      I know! We all take our baby steps when we’re ready huh? It is addictive and it honestly makes me love doing laundry….that part anyway. Still not fond of the putting away part. 🙂

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