Zucchini Fries

I found a fun new idea recently and have to say, it is yummy!  I have lots of zucchini flowers on my plants and I love to pick the male flowers to fry up like my mom does, but this is a great new way to use up some of the actual zucchini.  I sliced the zucchini into 2-3 inch “fries” then dipped them in an egg/milk coating.  From there I dipped them into a breadcrumb/parmesan cheese/garlic/Italian seasoning mixture.  Popped them in to bake at 425* for about 20 minutes(turn once at 10 minutes) and we had some yummy healthy fries! 


IMG_2554 (1024x601)


Although I did enjoy these, I am not a huge fan of breadcrumb coating.  I think next time I will try a flour/garlic salt/parsley mix for the second step like I use for the zucchini flowers or when frying fish.  If you find yourself overwhelmed with zucchini this year you may want to give these a try! 

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    Ok, we have made these before. The kids weren’t huge fans, I can’t remember what they tasted like. May have to give them a try this year if we have an abundance. My plants are flowering like crazy but only have a few actual zucchinis on.

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