Spontaneous Nature Study

Summer is a big season of science and nature study for us.  Rarely a day goes by that I don’t hear the front door slam and little feet running in exclaiming, “Mom!  Come quick but grab the bug book and your camera first!!  Hurry, hurry!”  I am thrilled that the kids love to explore the outdoors and learn about God’s amazing creations.  I pray that they always have this sense of awe and wonder as they grow.

Recently they found a pair of Polyphemus Moths that had apparently fell out of the tree while mating.  Lilly told me “they must have been wrestling because the daddy was on the mommy,” but Toby said, “They were mating!  They were stuck together!”  Yeah.  Anyway, they were beautiful moths and the biggest we have ever captured.  The male is the one with the really feathery antenna.  We kept them for the day to show Mark but then let them go at dark.  As if it wasn’t odd enough to find 2 of these awesome things together, later in the day the kids found another one that was dying! 

IMG_3231 (1024x768)IMG_3241 (1024x768)IMG_3244 (1024x768)IMG_3281 (1024x768)IMG_3273 (1024x768)

Mark also stumbled upon another amazing sight one night when he walked through part of a huge web being built by this spotted orb weaver.  Thankfully, it was just the edge of the web because the owner is rather large, hairy and fast!  We have been checking on him every night and he is busy at work on his masterpiece from the hummingbird feeder to the tree, to the rocks.  The web must get pretty messy overnight because it’s mostly gone in the morning and he rebuilds it again each night.  When we take his picture too much he gets shy and hides in the dead leaf up in the tree.  I am so not a fan of spiders but it is so awesome to watch them build a web like this. 

IMG_3304 (1024x768)IMG_3256 (1024x768)IMG_3255 (768x1024)IMG_3260 (1024x768)IMG_3270 (1024x768)

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