Fall fun.

We have been having a great time this fall, enjoying the extra nice days that we have been blessed with so far into October. Here’s a quick picture update:

We spent an evening last week with several other families from our parish at our local cathedral. We celebrated mass with the Bishop and then had a tour of the beautiful cathedral. The chair we are pictured with was actually used by/sat in by Blessed Pope John Paul II back when he came here over 30 years ago. Which would make it a 3rd class relic if/when he is canonized as a saint! I’m thinking this may end up being our Christmas picture.

Lilly and I have baked fall cookies twice already. She is such a wonderful little helper! However, the cookies are not being friendly to my waistline/the scale….or maybe they’re being too friendly….

My great friend Melissa came over last Saturday and we made a few batches of homemade lip balm and hand cream. This is just my 1/2 of what we made. This stuff rocks. I’ll be selling a little bit of it and will keep what we need to get us through the next year. We are planning to make this a yearly project.


Last Monday we spent the afternoon at my sister and brother-in-law’s place. We took the four-wheelers out into the field to pick up the leftover field corn. We store it in an old garbage can and use it to feed the animals(deer, birds, squirrels) through the winter. It’s sort of like an Easter egg hunt, only with four-wheelers, more dirt and more fun!


After picking up corn Lilly fed the horses, which she dearly loves, and the kids dropped their poles in the pond. Nothing much biting but it was all about the experience.

This past Monday, Mark took Toby out to work in the beehive for his first full-on experience. He was a great assistant. We’re not sure that the bees are doing so hot right now, time will tell if they make it through the winter.

We’ve also been working on turning our basement into our school room!! It is actually up and functional already. We’ve been doing lessons in it for a couple of weeks now. There are still a lot of details to finish up and the windows should be installed by Thanksgiving so pictures will come later when it is totally finished. The kids and I just LOVE this new room. We spend so much time down there now; learning, reading, creating, playing. Lilly surprised me this week with her picture of “The Garden of Eden.” She labeled it all by herself! She’s starting to take her lessons a little more seriously now. Not sure if it’s the new room or just maturity. Either way, it is awesome.    

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    Yay! I can see your beautiful pictures again!

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