FREE batteries from Staples!

I fell into a great deal at Staples last week and saw that it is still in the ad for this week.  If you are a a Staples Rewards card holder you get many perks as it is when you shop there or return your used ink cartridges.  Right now though you can purchase up to two 16-packs of AA or AAA Duracell batteries and receive 100% back in Staples Rewards which are basically coupons for use in the store.  The batteries sell for $9.99 so buy the two pack limit and get $19.98 back.  With Christmas just around the corner you can’t beat free batteries!

Another great thing about Staples is that you can use their in-store computers to print out coupons from their website.  I saved $5 on two separate occasions last week by doing this.  There are many ways to save in stores like this if you take the time to do a little research or even just ask the salespeople.

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