Easy fall mobile craft



Lilly and I spent some time over the weekend doing and easy nature craft.  She is very creative and loves to do projects.  I saw this idea somewhere on the web and it was just perfect for the beautiful fall day we chose to do it.

First, we set out on a little scavenger hunt to search for materials.  We found different colored leaves, mums, pine cones, and sticks.  I laid out a piece of clear contact paper, sticky side up, and let Lilly press the leaves and flowers onto it.  Then I covered that piece of decorated contact paper with another piece, sticky side down.  Lilly sat and pressed the sticky sides together to sort of laminate the leaves and flowers.  We then cut all around them, leaving space to keep the seal.

Next we made an “x” with the sticks and while Lil held them in place I wrapped the center with yarn to hold them together.

I found the easiest way to attach the decorations to the sticks was to hang the stick “x” from the ceiling first so that when I tied them on I could balance out the way they hung.


We ended up with a really fun and super cute fall decoration that will likely hang out above out school table for many months to come.  Oh and there is a sneak peak of our new school room with the awesome IKEA shelf unit which I love, love love!!!



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