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It’s another sunny and beautiful day here.  A decent couple of snows would be welcome anytime so it would feel like winter.  It has hardly been cold enough to use the wood burning stove.  I savor the time we have to sit in front of the fire to read, sew, craft, chat, play games.  I truly am enjoying the lovely winter we have had so far but in all honesty it concerns me a bit.  Winter is not a bad thing and around these parts it’s even necessary.  I’m thinking ahead to how many mosquitoes and gnats we will likely be dealing with later this summer because it may not have been cold/snowy enough to kill them off.

However, the sunshine is also really putting me in the mood to plan my garden!!  So although I may end up dealing with way more cucumber beetles and vine borers this year, I’m going to make the best garden PLAN that I can.  Nothing wrong with aiming high.  Then we’ll just have to wait and see what the summer brings.

My favorite garden planner is the Gardener’s Supply Company website.  They have the most simple and user-friendly planner I have come across yet.  I used to use graph paper and pencil and while I tend to hold onto the “old fashioned” ways, this is one area where it is worth it to me to go digital.  After each raised garden box is planned I number them to match the boxes outside, which are also numbered.  Then I stick the papers into sleeves in a 3-ring binder.  When I go out to plant I can easily date each box as it gets planted and keep track of where everything is.  If something will be replanted after the first harvest I simply make a note on the appropriate sheet.  The binder is kept in my garden bag by the door.  In it I also keep things like scissors, pencil, bug spray, etc. so when planting time comes I just need to throw my seed packets in and I’m set.

Here is a sample of what you can do with the garden planner at Gardener’s Supply Company.  I chose a 4 x 4 plot but you can make yours whatever size you need.  You arrange your plantings as you wish and as you drag a plant into the spot it will put in a picture of exactly how many plants of that type you can plant in that 1×1 square.  Saving me A LOT of time and mental energy to figure out planting instructions for each crop.  Under that bed you will also get a list of planting instructions as you can see below.  I only copied a couple over to here so you can get the idea.

Have you started planning your garden yet?  If not, maybe this will get you motivated and simplify the process for you!

Leaf Lettuce, (16)basil, (2)basil, (2)Leaf Lettuce, (16)

radishes, (16)


Planting instructions:

Leaf Lettuce, (16)

Leaf Lettuce

  • Sow seed indoors 1/4″ deep, eight weeks before last frost or directly in garden when soil can be worked.
  • Thin seedlings when four weeks old.
  • Spacing: 16 plants per sq. ft.
  • Plant more lettuce every two to four weeks for a good supply.
  • Days to harvest: 28 days for baby lettuce, 45 days to full size. Frost-hardy.
  • Hint: Harvest outer leaves anytime, or use scissors to harvest entire plant, leaving an inch of stem to encourage new growth.

Learn more about Leaf Lettuce in our Veggie Encyclopedia

basil, (2)


  • Plant seeds 1/4″ deep indoors six weeks before last frost; outdoors two weeks after last frost.
  • Transplant seedlings two to three weeks after last frost or when soil reaches 70 degrees F.
  • Replant if you have space and want more.
  • Spacing: two plants per sq. ft.
  • Days to harvest: 40-55 days from transplant. Harvest leaves as desired. Not frost-hardy.
  • Hint: Pinch stems early and often to stimulate branching and bushy growth.

Learn more about basil in our Veggie Encyclopedia

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    Love your garden planner post and am totally delighted to have you and your heavenly blog- well done!
    There’s a great interactive garden planner I found here paragraph below photograph of Ruby Chard!
    I’m hosting a weekly linky which is all about seasonal celebration and would love it if you popped over and linked this post! It would be great to introduce your blog to my readership! Seasonal Celebration Linky Really hope to see you there! Rebecca x

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      Thanks for the invite, Rebecca! I think I linked up twice so feel free to delete one. I had some issues during the first one and didn’t think it worked. So glad you stopped by, it’s great to meet you! ~Maria

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    Maria- it was worth having the post up twice!- Thank you very much for placing this post on Natural Mothers Network’s linky: Seasonal Celebration! You helped make Seasonal Celebration a wealth of intelligent, creative and resourceful information and it’s been such a pleasure for me and many others to read through each post. I am really looking forward to seeing you again Sunday evening or Monday! Rebecca x

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