On the sticks, the loom, and the hook

This time of year gets me giddy for crafting and now that we actually have some beautiful snow on the ground the creating is in full force.  Before I get started on gifts for next Christmas this is how I’m spending my quiet moments:

On the needles:  Inspired after visiting with a dear friend and watching her use the biggest knitting needles I had ever seen, I had to pick myself up some.  Thankfully Michael’s had a great coupon out so I could do so without guilt.  The size of these needles is just what I needed to get comfortable with knitting.  What a wonderful handicraft it is.  On the green sticks is a scarf, not sure if I’ll actually keep this one or give it away.  We’ll see how it turns out.

On the loom:  I have such a love for the knitting loom.  The ease and quickness of being able to create something beautiful out of something so simplistic makes me very happy.  Lilly fell in love with this super soft and fluffy yarn and requested another hat.  A girl can never have too many, right?

On the hook:  Last year I cannot begin to count how many washcloths and hot pad holders I made and gave away as gifts.  This month I am trying to replenish our own supply as many of our old ones have been demoted to the rag can.  I also want to get a good supply of them built up for wedding gifts.

After these projects are complete I’ll be moving on to Christmas gifts.  I have big plans!  I just hope I can be as creative as they will need me to be.

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    Lots of fun happening on your needles, loom and hook, enjoy!

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