Reusable Party Supplies

In my recent post Simple and Frugal Ways to be Green, I mentioned how I wanted to start collecting supplies to put together a box of reusable party supplies.  Really the only time I have been buying disposable plates, cups and silverware has been for birthday parties.  Now I will no longer even need to do that.

Soon after that post a friend from church offered me her grandmother’s dishes that were no longer needed.  What a sweetheart!  A couple of days later my husband offered me an entire set of stainless steel silverware that is probably nicer than what we actually currently use.  I had several extra cloth napkins already on hand as well.  So now, building a box of birthday supplies has begun.  Given the size of our extended family I will need to still find a few more pieces to add in and since I really don’t mind if they match or not that shouldn’t be difficult.

Now I can cross disposable plates, napkins, and silverware off of my list for good!  Not only saving us money on birthdays/parties but also saving a great deal of trash from being produced.

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    Thanks for saying this, I will have to do the same. It’s usually my birthday party that I don’t want to have any part of planning and tons of paper products get purchased. It has never crossed my mind to do you are doing. Thanks!

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    Ask and you shall receive, don’t you just love it when things like this happen.

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    This is a great idea to save lots of money over time…paper goods really add up. One dishwasher load and your done! Brilliant 🙂 I think I’ll do this, too.

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    I love having a stash for parties – it just “elegants” the whole affair eating on real dishes imho!

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