Living Simply, by the Book

“Simple living” seems to be a popular phrase these days and means a little something different to each of us.

The words themselves are a bit misleading.  There is nothing easy about living simply.   It often involves hard work, a lot of prayer, and letting go of so many things.  It often means going against popular culture and the consumerism driven society that slaps us in the face daily.  It often means choosing to live a different life from everyone around you.

It usually means physically working hard to provide for your family in a way that is different from what you grew up learning.  It may mean stepping out of your comfort zone to embrace a whole new way of thinking and letting go of the control that we so often think that we have over all of it, handing the reigns over to The One who made it all.

The good news is that even though it can be difficult we are not alone.  Not only are more and more people appreciating and choosing this life every day, but we can open up our bible and find inspiration and instruction leading us to a simple life.

We have our very own simple living handbook!

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    While I will probably never be drawn back to the farm lifestyle where I grew up, I very much appreciate your philosophy and encouragement to be different than those around us. I have much to learn. Thank you.

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