A few Easter activities

We haven’t been as crafty this spring as we normally are.  With the beautiful weather we’ve had the kids prefer to be outside playing and exploring for hours on end instead.  To me, that’s even more important than any craft.  Here are a few things we have done though to keep our focus on the true meaning of Easter.

For our morning devotions with Dad we have been slowly reading through Benjamin’s Box which goes along with the resurrection eggs.  Slowly retelling the story of Christ’s passion in a tangible way helps it to sink in a little more.

A few times over the last week we have pulled out this stations of the cross matching game.  It’s simple but it’s a great visual while listening to the readings or just for meditating on them later.

My personal favorite sort of craft this year that we did do is this Last Supper display on 2 cut-apart egg cartons.  The printables can be found at Catholic Icing, she has so many other wonderful ideas for living our Catholic faith throughout they year, do check them out!

Of course we also colored eggs and tried some new techniques with those this year to attempt a more natural dying process.  We tried coffee, beet juice, mulberries, chokecherry juice, and mustard.  We didn’t exactly follow any recipes but just experimented on our own instead.  Beet juice was the winner overall but all of the colors ended up very light pastels.

The kids are also each doing their Lenten Calendars to countdown to Easter, again from Catholic Icing, love that site!

Overall, we are just trying to stay focused on making Holy Week a little bit different than other weeks, a little more special.

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