New baby pics

I am still amazed and brought to tears by ultrasound pictures.  Hearing that little heartbeat and seeing our new baby moving and shaking in there is just awesome.  It was especially fun to see the kids’ reaction to how much it has changed since our first one.  Being able to make out those little arms and legs and watch them move is so sweet.  Baby was very active today and seems to be having lots of fun in there.  I’m anxious to start feeling those movements soon.  Measurements look good and all is well so far.  Praise God.


My dear friend Emily, who I’ve known since high school way back in the day, was our ultrasound tech again and she is the sweetest!  I felt a bit spoiled leaving there today with so many awesome pictures and the kids were giddy over getting a look into their own tummies to see their heartbeats, liver, kidneys, and gas bubbles!  Real life science for today!  Thank you so much Emily!  I especially love the second one of baby playing peek-a-boo!

I continue to feel better than the last several weeks and I am so thankful for that.  My appetite is still not great, sleep is not easy to come by and we are all battling our allergies but life is so good.  We are blessed beyond measure.  October cannot get here fast enough.  We are so anxious to meet this sweet little babe.


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    So very glad that mama and the bambino are well. Blessings and peace to you all!

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    The first look at our 24 Great Grandchild. Wow you talk about being blessed, It’s beyond words. And we love each and everyone of them and all the rest! Gramps and Grandma.

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    We are so happy for you. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Nice to have friends in “high places.” It must have been special to share these moments with a friend. Love you all. LaVon & Torger

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    How precious. Wish ultrasounds had been routine when my kids were born. Wish even more there were grandchildren on my horizon! Blessings!

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