After the rain

One of my favorite things to do is to go outside after the rain and take pictures.  I especially like to capture how the rain drops sit on leaves and flowers.  Here are some recent pics:

I moved some lily-of-the-valley around into the landscaping and it has really taken off.  Some days you can really smell it when you walk down the steps.

It’s always fun to see what critters are hanging out on the meadow sage.

We have found several jack-in-the-pulpit out in the woods over the last month.  We found one on one of our first trips out mushroom hunting in late March!  That is so early.  This one is right off the side of the driveway so I didn’t get a good angle on it.

I would love to get more tulips put in the landscape along the house but planting bulbs this fall will likely not happen so I’ll just enjoy the ones we do have for now.

This picture was from a couple of weeks ago when the strawberries were blooming.  Lilly and I found several decent sized berries getting ready to turn red already yesterday!

I have a beautiful columbine that is in full bloom right now and is just beautiful.  It hadn’t bloomed yet when I took this picture but I love the way the rain drop just sits there on the leaf.

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