Our chickens

Meet Rhoda, and Rhoda.  Yes, the kids named them both the same, which is great because you can’t really tell a difference.


We recently acquired these 2 lovely ladies(Rhode Island Reds) from my sister and brother-in-law.  They were not getting along well with the rest of their flock so they had to go.  We couldn’t resist, even though we were so not ready for them.  They spent several nights at Mark’s sister’s house next door in her chicken tractor while Mark threw a coop together.  I’m actually pretty impressed given how quickly it all came together.  It’s temporary but it works.  The run will be redone soon with a cover and more protection from predators and the sun.


It’s cozy but plenty of room for just the two of them.  He basically closed in a corner of the barn and put a nesting box on the gate for easy access.  They seem to have taken right to it and have both been laying pretty consistently already.

In the back left side of this picture Mark thinks there was a snake nest in the wall.  While building he saw several garter snakes coming and going from the barn as they please, mainly along the far left wall and in the corner.  Not one has been seen since the birds moved in though.  They’ve either  taken care of that problem for us or the snakes moved on to find a new, and safer, area to hang out.

The run is pretty make-shift for now but they haven’t flown out, yet.  They’re wings are a little ragged after spending time with a rooster before they came to us.  I have a feeling that’s why they haven’t tried to get out yet.  Or maybe they just like their new place and haven’t felt a need to explore.

The kids and I have been trying to spoil them and make them comfortable in their new home.  They’ve been a little skittish since they got here, usually going inside when we walk up to the run, or they’ll run out when we go into the barn.  We’re making progress though, this morning when Lilly and I went out to give them some strawberry scraps and bread they stood in the doorway watching us and then came out and ate near us.  Slowly but surely they’ll get used to us.  We are really enjoying them so far and are looking forward to adding several more next spring when we make more room.


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    How exciting! You’ll most likely find that they are such easy creatures to care for. And very entertaining!

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    I am so happy for you guys =) Your gonna love having chickens and enjoying their fresh eggs. Just remember to add a touch of oil to your water when your ready to hard boil some. It helps with peeling them. <3 YEAH <3

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      Thanks for the tip! I have noticed that the farm fresh ones we’ve had are terrible to peel! I’ll remember this!

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    Oh I love it! I wish our town allowed us to keep them. We have to come visit this summer, the kids will love to see this! Have fun.

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