Natural Ear Infection Remedy

Toby recently woke in the middle of the night crying from ear pain.  His allergies had been bothering him and he also had a croup-like cough.  I decided to try to go natural this time rather than rush him to the doctor for antibiotics for 2 reasons:  1)  I cringe at putting them on antibiotics anytime because I know that it flushes out the good with the bad and that there is a certain resistance building each time they take one, and 2) he is able to tell me exactly how it feels and if it is getting better or worse.  I’m not sure I would do this with a baby or toddler that can’t communicate but time will tell. As for this time, I am very impressed.

So here’s what we did:

We got right into the chiropractor that morning to get things started.  He adjusted Toby and said his upper neck was really bad so it wasn’t a surprise.  He could tell which ear it was without asking.  I asked if we needed to follow up in a few days or give him any probiotics and he said no.  He said his sinuses would likely start draining within a day or two and that should do it.  Toby likes being adjusted so that is a plus.

I had heard about garlic oil and hot compresses and was going to research those that day.  Much to my delight, a couple of my good friends came through for me on Facebook with exact instructions.  Thanks Lori & Heather!

So, I crushed a clove of garlic into a small bowl and added a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.  I warmed it for a few seconds just to get it to body temp or a little above.  The first couple of times that day I put a few drops right into his ear and massaged it in a “j” pattern as much as he could stand.  He then laid on a warm pack for at least 10 minutes and when he went to bed.

From that point on we did a mixture of a few drops in the ear or a cotton ball with several drops of garlic oil put just inside his ear.  There was really not a lot of rhyme or reason as to how often we did either.  I just kept asking him how it felt and if it was hurting again we would do one or the other. It was constantly ringing but after each treatment he said it felt better.

This all started last Friday morning.  By yesterday, Thursday of the following week, 7 days later, he said he felt “good as new!” and the pain was entirely gone!  No doctor, no medicine, just a couple things that we already had on hand.  Very impressive!

Now I need to find some elderberries so I can make some syrup for his cough that is still coming and going.

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