New camera!

After my recent camera mishap I was on the hunt for a replacement.  I just have to say that I am thrilled with my new toy!  It’s a Canon again since I have loved my others.  This one is a PowerShot ELPH 520 HS in red.  Not only is it fun in a bright red color but the picture options are amazing!  Here are some examples of what I have taken recently:

Fireworks after the Cubs game.


The digital macro option for close-ups like our recent hatchings.

Ok so it obviously helps to have a perfectly adorable subject to catch in action but I can change the setting to pick up any color I want in a picture and keep the rest black and white.  Fun!

Our little ham was more than willing to pose for me to play with different options.  This one is all black and white but I can also do sepia and a few other tones.

This is called “poster” and is a bit funky.

Of course it also takes the best clear pics of some of my favorite subjects!

There are so many other options that I’m sure I’ll leave out some: technicolor, night scenes, snow pictures, fishbowl, toy camera, soft focus, smooth skin, etc. etc. etc.

All this in a compact camera that fits in my pocket.  I did have to buy a new memory card because that has changed from my old model and the battery is now a rechargable lithium.  My only complaint is that when I take movies the battery seems to run down quickly.  But it charges in a short amount of time too.

I am so glad I took the time to research before buying and I feel like I made a sound investment in something that I know will be used pretty much daily.  If you’re in the market for a new compact digital camera, I highly recommend this one!


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    Maybe that’s too much camera for me! I use software to manipulate my images rather than the camera itself because I like the flexibility of having all the digital info before removing some of that info. Does the camera record the color info for your b/w images so you can colorize later or do you have to take two shots?

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      I have not gotten that far into playing with it to see if it keeps the color. I guess it doesn’t make a big difference to me. The options are super easy to use and change to so it’s been fun so far.

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    Hi Maria,

    I really like the Cub fireworks photo – the details on the sparks and lights are amazing! Do they have those fireworks after every game?

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      Thanks for commenting. I think they do the fireworks after Friday night games and special occasions. We were there for an event so it was a special occasion on a Thursday night.

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