Pregnancy Week 25

Technically I’m actually 24 weeks and 5 days but I prefer to round up these days!

Not a whole lot to report this week.  We had a check-up on Monday and all is well.  No worries about blood pressure or water retention, yet.  I am feeling really good right now aside from the pain in my lower back.  I am seeing the chiropractor frequently to keep that at bay and I also have a support wrap that my mom gave me to borrow that helps when I’m carrying a 15 pound baby around during the day.  The more I am able to actually rest it, the better it feels, but rest is never easy to come by.  The kids are great about giving me an hour of quiet time to lay down if the baby is sleeping in the afternoon so I am trying to take advantage of that as much as possible.  Night sleep is never dependable.  Last night I felt like I really got a great night of sleep and woke up feeling great but honestly, that happens about once a week.

Mark actually took a couple of pictures of me so we have something to put in the baby book(apparently someone needs a lesson on the new camera!).  I realized a couple weeks ago that we haven’t taken any  pictures like this.  I guess that’s what happens with a third baby!

This baby has been so active for the past few weeks.  While I love the feeling and it reassures me every time that all is well, it’s seems to never stop! Of course when I am trying to rest or sleep that is when it is the most active.  It even wakes me up at night from moving so much.  I don’t remember either of the others ever being this active.  The kids have really gotten excited to be able to feel those movements though and it has made everyone even more excited to meet this little babe.

I have a handful of things I still need to get before we get much closer and my brain is forever spinning with the number of little projects and things I want to get done before October.  Nothing major but finding the time and energy to do them right now is proving to be a bit difficult.  I may need actually to call in some help!  For right now though growing a baby, keeping the kids busy,  house tidy and dinner on the table is an accomplishment.

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