2 weeks today

From my Magnificat 2 weeks ago today, on Sophia’s birthday:


All who seek to know and serve God,

See the past and understand:

None who hoped were disappointed;

Rich the blessings from God’s hand!

None who waited were forsaken;

None who trusted were deceived.

All who asked his gracious pardon,

Gentle mercy have received.

If our God does not condemn us,

Who against us then will stand?

Will the Lord who died for sinners,

Who is now at God’s right hand?

What could take us from Christ Jesus?

Neither hunger, sword, nor pain!

Neither life nor death shall part us

From the Lamb for us once slain.


Today’s passages:

Cease your cries of mourning,

wipe the tears from your eyes.

The sorrow you have shown shall have its reward.

Jeremiah 31:16


Today’s meditation:  

“I desire mercy”

By your noble and glorious blood,

offered unceasingly to please God who sent you,

may the dangers be lifted from me, the condemned,

may my transgressions be forgiven,

may my vices be pardoned,

may my shamelessness be forgotten,

may my sentence be commuted,

may the worms shrivel,

may the waiting stop,

and the gnashing of teeth fall silent.

Let the laments lessen and tears dry.

Let mourning end and darkness be banished.

May the vengeful fire be tamped out

and torments of every kind be exiled.

May you who grant life to all be compssionate now.

Let your light dawn, our salvation be swift,

your help come in time, and the hour of your arrival be at hand.

May the dew of your mercy quench the parched field

where my bones have fallen into the pit of death.

Prepare the earth for the day of light

and let the soil bloom and bring forth fruit,

heavenly cup of life-giving blood,

ever sacrifice, never running dry

all for the salvation and life of the souls in eternal rest.

And though my body die in sin,

with your grace and compassion,

may I be strengthened in you, cleansed of sin

through you, and renewed by you with life everlasting,

and at the resurrection of the righteous

be deemed worthy of your Father’s blessing.

Saint Gregory of Narek

There are no coincidences.  It is all in His plan.  Praying for grace today.  ~Maria 

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