Behold! The BOSCH and Nutrimill have arrived!

I’m still perfecting my bread making skills but I am thrilled with my new toys.  I bit the bullet and invested in a BOSCH Kitchen Machine and a Nutrimill.  It takes about 5 minutes to mill the flour in the Nutrimill before I set to work with the bread.  The recipe I am currently using makes 6 loaves of bread or any combination of bread, rolls, monkey bread, breadsticks, etc. that I choose to make.

The old way I made our bread was with a recipe that made 2 loaves.  I was making that once a week or every couple of weeks depending on how much bread we went through at any time.  With this new method I can make it more like once a month.  That is, after the initial phase of making bread weekly because I have been giving it away so much.  It freezes really well and comes out soft as can be after thawed.

So far I have made bread, hamburger rolls, sandwich rolls, monkey bread and hot dog buns.  When I get caught up with a good store of bread on hand I will start experimenting with some other things.

The most exciting part is that all I have to buy in the way of flour is wheat berries.  I can make whole wheat flour and with the free sifter I got with my purchase I can also sift out the wheat germ to make an all-purpose flour.  The wheat germ can go right to the chickens.  It’s a win-win!

Off to bake some bread!

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