Cloth diapers

Seeing these super cute diapers hanging on the line gets me SO excited to meet our little babe!  I have picked up several at garage sales and have been stripping them to get them prepped for more use.  We have a lot, like hundreds, of newborn diapers that were given to us from some great friends so we won’t be venturing into cloth until baby grows out of those.  Mark is a little hesitant but is willing to give them a try.  I figure I will use cloth while we are home and I am mostly in charge of diaper duty.  I’m sure we’ll mix in some disposables as needed but we should be able to save a good deal by not having to buy too many of them.  I have been getting some lessons from friends and even my mom gave some great insight on the use and care of cloth diapers.  I am also going to be taking a class this month at a local store to learn more about the different types.  After getting over the feeling of being overwhelmed by options and cleaning instructions I am feeling pretty confident about giving them a try.  I remember changing my niece’s and nephews diapers when I was just a kid and even using pins!  Velcro and snaps have to be so much easier!

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