When it’s this hot…

We are experiencing a HEAT WAVE, yes in big letters, this week here in the midwest.  Being 6 months pregnant and having 2 very outdoorsy type of kids we have been doing our best to beat the heat and stay busy inside as much as possible.

We’ve been cleaning, organizing, rearranging and admiring Lilly’s love for decorating with flowers.  There are little bottles and vases of flowers peppered throughout the house.  Every time I see one I smile at our shared love for pretty flowers.


We’ve been admiring critters from the window when they stop by to say hello and put on a little show for us.  Sometimes we just catch a glimpse of something rare and beautiful too.  This fawn couldn’t have been more than a few days old, unsteady on it’s feet still, when we spotted it while driving.

We’ve been building the Titanic with Legos and trying to get it to float just long enough to make it sink.

We’ve been painting, cutting coupons, reading, and baking.

We’ve spent some time at the beach and neighbor’s pool, drying laundry on the line in record time, watering the garden, sipping sun tea, planting pumpkins, and prepping baby stuff.

We continue to try to entice the girls to come a little closer and not be afraid of us. We have also been putting ice blocks in their water, feeding them frozen fruit and keeping the fan running to give them some hint of relief.  Despite the heat, Mark has started working on a the new permanent run for the girls and our future flock.  Thankfully he agrees to only work in the early part of the day, when it’s cooler, you know still in the 80s!


When all else fails and we’ve been making do for long enough, we do sometimes just resort to climbing the walls.

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