We still have fun!

Two weeks into the new year has us feeling a bit more refreshed and relaxed. I personally feel like I have stopped hyperventilating and am starting to breathe again.  It’s a new way of inhaling and exhaling, very deliberate but also pretty positive.  In case you were wondering if we still know how to have a good time, let me reassure you that we do indeed.  Here is a little proof:

We joined my sister and her kids at a man-made ice rink for some skating and hockey.  Ice skates not even necessary.

Lilly still enjoys spending time with “the girls” as she so affectionately calls the hens.  They must like her too because they are laying really well for us.

Toby took it upon himself to keep a “travel log” of our trip up to Minneapolis to visit friends.  It does a mother’s heart good to see that kind of self-motivation.

We never know what wildlife we’ll get to enjoy when we look out the big picture window towards the timber.

What’s not to love about a girl in a tu-tu and cowgirl boots?Even though he was laid up sick in the chair or bed for 3 days, he continued to exercise his brain with reading, doing word puzzles, playing games, and exploring the world with our interactive globe.


Lilly has taken a huge interest in “playing school” which cracks me up since we basically “play school” all the time around here.  But it’s always more fun when Daddy steps in as the substitute teacher for the day.  His anatomy lessons are the best!


She also really loves to be Mary from Little House on the Prairie and gets into full character many days.  We recently had to make yarn dolls to go along with the role and she specifically requested to have her picture taken by the wood burning stove, “like Laura and Mary had”.

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