Year in Review-2012

As another year passes by us I like to go back and look at my goals to see how I did.  This year was obviously thrown way off track with the loss of Sophia so the best laid plans oftentimes go undone.  And that’s ok.  Other things took priority.  Moving forward we will continue to get up, dust ourselves off, and try again.

Last year’s goals:

~Keep the basement clean and tidy:  This has gone well.  It’s a constant battle of keeping it picked up but worth it since we spend so much time down there.

~Play more games with the kids and as a family:  Improvement made.

~Use more of our stockpile on a regular basis:  Did a lot of that this year since I haven’t shopped much.

~MEAL PLAN:  Constantly working on doing this more but can’t complain.

~Read for fun:  Yes and no.  I realized that I just don’t read novels, but I enjoy or benefit greatly from what I do read so it’s all good.

~Say “yes” more:  This has been much easier to do in light of the year’s events.  Just thankful for curious, happy, healthy kids.

~Really work to get that van paid off ASAP:  Getting there.  It’s the only debt we have but probably another year of payments because of other unexpected expenses that have come up.

~Chickens:  Done and loving it!  Looking forward to chicks in the spring!

~Paint Mark’s man-cave bathroom:  With the help of my dear friend, Lynn, this has been done for a while now. Light grey is a much better choice of color.

~Send more birthday cards:  Epic fail.  In fact I have completely forgotten to even acknowlege some birthdays all together.  Even struggling with remembering to send thank you cards this year.  Much room for improvement.

~Get Christmas gifts made and shopping done before Thanksgiving:  Not before Thanksgiving this year.  Just thankful I was actually able to make a few gifts and actually get it all done before Christmas this year.

~Volunteer weekly with the kids at an adult daycare facility near here:  Success, and one of the best things we do as a family.

~Add another bee hive or two & sell honey:  Up to 2 hives and sold some honey.

~Take the kids on more field trips:  The field trips and life lessons learned this year were life-changing and not at all what I had in mind, but more of them happened in 6 months than I could ever have planned.

~Go on more dates with my husband:  Some success, always something to keep working at.

~Preserve the peace and quiet in our life and our home, even in the stressful times:  Thank God for this.

~Practice playing piano:  A little bit.

~Get my substitute license up to date(take a college class) and become a home school supervising teacher:  Did this and although I am quite possibly the worst supervising teacher possible this year, I have the credentials and will be better next year.

~Lose 10 pounds before Valentine’s Day:  Lost a few pounds but was pregnant instead.

The really important goals for 2012:

*Go to confession more often:  Probably gone more in the last 2 years than in my entire life up until that point.

*Adore Him more.  Make time for weekly adoration:  Not weekly but monthly so improved.

*Read about more saints myself and with the kids:  Loving this.  We can learn so much from them.

*Really pray for others when asked or when I say I will:  Yes, yes, and yes.

*Keep my own personal prayer list in my prayer journal:  Journaled more but not consistently.  Room to improve.

*Listen to God:  Feel closer to God, and Mary, than ever.  Hearing Him loud and clear much more often but still trying to figure out His plans for me/us.

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