7 Quick Takes~The shortest week ever


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Monday the kids and I headed north to the Twin Cities to spend a few days with our favorite little guy and his parents.  So fun to see his reaction when his friends come to visit.  And thank God for amazing friends.


Traveling alone with the kids was another first for me.  Not exactly easy but now we can say we’ve done it!  Mark had a little mini retreat here being able to do as he pleased for 4 days.  We came home on Valentine’s Day to these super sweet hand-made cards from our favorite Valentine.  The kids were WAY impressed with his skills because they “never knew Dad was so crafty!”  He scored major points in their book.  Mine too!

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Lent has begun and I feel unprepared.  I sort of think maybe my 40 days in the desert started about 7 months ago and I’m still navigating my way.  Instead of going hard-core this year, I am choosing to take it a little easier on myself.  Like maybe by hiding the scale until Easter.   


I recently realized that the shock of losing Sophia has just worn off and the next phase has begun, sadness.  Deep sadness and a touch of depression.  Admitting it has been half the battle. 


Big changes are in store for our little family.  BIG, exciting, and scary changes.  Can’t disclose much but prayers for patience and for opportunity to knock would be greatly appreciated!


Being away from the new little chicks for 4 days showed us just how quickly they grow! Not even a week old and they are all getting their wing feathers and are a little bit easier to identify by breed. So cute! Almost makes up for the fact that we lost another hen when we were gone. Mark felt terrible and the kids were bummed. Time to start setting some traps

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I have planned out my garden on paper and am ready to buy seeds!  Here’s hoping for better luck this year.  And rain, more rain would certainly help.


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