Snow days gone by….

It’s raining today and the temps look like they should stay above freezing for the long haul very soon.  The new chicks have been moved out to the garage, thank goodness.  We are dreaming of spring days just around the corner.  With Daylight Savings Time upon us, we are bidding goodbye to winter(and good ridence!).  Though we are longing to get outside more and soak up some vitamin D, we will miss a few things about this winter.


IMG_2810 (1024x768) IMG_2814 (1024x768)

::hours in the middle of the day spent curled up with a good book

IMG_2634 (1024x768)

::creative entertainment

IMG_2827 (1024x768)

::snuggling by the fire

::plenty of time for painting and crafts

IMG_2832 (1024x768) IMG_2834 (1024x768)

::baby chicks that grow overnight

IMG_2836 (1024x768)

::snowballs and snowmen

IMG_2839 (1024x768) IMG_2864 (1024x996)

::growing snowflakes

::homemade snow cones

IMG_2841 (1024x768)

::trampoline math facts

IMG_2886 (456x1024)

Yours the day and yours the night too; you set the moon and sun in place.  You fixed all the limits of the earth; summer and winter you made.  Psalm 74: 16-17

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