A little dirt never hurt

Retail therapy is something I have never had a need for.  In fact, shopping stresses me out more!

Now dirt therapy?  That’s my kind of day!

Weeding the garden after a good soaking rain is something I thoroughly enjoy.  Having my little tom-boy and our hens right along side me makes it even better.

0409131711  0409131734

The garden beds are just about ready for planting!  The strawberries have been uncovered and the raspberry bushes thinned out.


Rhubarb from my grandma’s homestead is going strong and has started making its appearance.


And then there’s this guy(or girl):

IMG_3042 (1024x768)

Hence the need for dirt therapy.  He’s been wreaking havoc on the neighborhood chickens and we have all had just about enough.

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