Boy oh Boy

This stuff is too good to forget, so I’ve been taking notes!  Our little budding theologian has had a lot to say lately.  I can hardly believe he is preparing to enter his last year in the single digits!  What an amazing young man he is becoming.  I love that he is so comfortable in his own skin.

IMG_2960 (871x1024)

::We were chatting one day about what he was thinking about doing when he grows up.  He said he wasn’t sure if he would get married or not.  He then went on to say that “I probably will get married, because she will be just like you and she can tell me not to eat too many sweets all the time, like you have to tell Dad.”

::During prayers one evening he had given thanks for being homeschooled.  After prayers were done he followed up with, “If everyone in the world would homeschool their kids, the world would be a better place!”

::Frequently tells me how much he loves spending time with his family and being together every day.

::Talking to Lilly about making First Communion he explained, “The bread and wine taste SO much better after they are consecrated!  They taste like….LIFE!”

::Talking to sister about going to Confession:  “You’ll be nervous the first time you go but then once you know what it’s like you won’t get so nervous after that because you will know how awesome it feels to go!”

::Is rarely without his face in a book throughout the day.  An avid reader, he loves historical fiction, mysteries, and a good book of jokes once in a while.

::Getting out of the van at the library, “MOM!  I have to save that worm!”  before he grabs said worm from the parking lot puddle and takes it carefully to the grass to release it into freedom.

::Frequently says an entire rosary in bed at night, by himself.  (seriously, I don’t think I ever even knew how to do that until I was an adult!)  This new pillowcase certainly helps though:

::Overheard talking to Lilly, “You gotta quit worrying about what other people think of you.  If you feel like dancing, you just dance!  Like at softball the other night, something made me feel like doing a little jig, so I did it!  At least one kid looked at me weird but I just waved at him and finished my dance.”

::Took it upon himself to write out the entire Prayer of St. Francis of Assissi, just for fun and because it is his favorite.

::Recently committed to reading the Bible every morning when he wakes up after telling me, “I really want to read the whole book of Matthew because it just has the best stuff in it.”

::He frequently prays for other people to come to know “how awesome Jesus is.”

::Proclaims, “I can’t imagine living life without knowing about and following God.  That would be so hard!”

All I know is, he certainly “gets it” a whole lot more than I did at the ripe age of 8!  What a blessing he is.  

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