Spring 2013

Spring has sprung and we are off and running with activities and projects.  There is always something to do.  Usually so many things to do that some things keep getting put off to another day.  But life is great and we are super blessed so I am certainly not complaining.

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I felt very spoiled on Mother’s Day with a yummy breakfast made just for me.  Strawberry/cream cheese stuffed french toast, juice and coffee.  It was a great day spent relaxing for me but the troops worked their tails off cleaning the house.

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The kids are playing in a homeschool softball league and are on the same team.  Toby is quite the ball player but Lilly is holding her own and has surprised us all with her determination and ability.  Just look at that face when she is hitting!

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While planting the last few things in the garden today I was surprised by a little visitor.  The trellis above is just inside the garden gate and my clematis covers it really well.  So well that a little chipping sparrow has decided to make it’s nest inside it. It’s right at kid’s eye level so what fun that will be to sneak peaks of little baby sparrows soon!

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The garden is in varying stages of growth.  I have been planting off and on for a few weeks but everything is officially in as of today.  Come on rain!  I got a little crazy with green beans this year but I’m hoping to can a lot of them.  Also looking forward to lots of tomatoes, green and jalapeno peppers, carrots, lettuce, radishes, basil, oregano, parsley, butternut squash, cantaloupe, zucchini, and I’m sure I forgot something.  After a wash of a year last year, I am hoping to catch up with canning again and get a good stock for the year.

IMG_3275 (1024x768)

It makes me so happy to see the fruit of my labor.  I have moved a lot of perennials around in the past several years and things are really taking off.  I love that I don’t have to do a lot of maintenance in most of my flower gardens anymore.

IMG_3283 (579x1024)

Raspberries and rhubarb are coming along great!  I have already picked a lot of rhubarb and gave most of it away.  I should get a couple more cuttings though this year.

IMG_3284 (563x1024)

I am pleasantly surprised to see a grape vine that made it growing up the garden arbor.  I planted 4 of them 2 years ago and only 1 has made it this far.

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Of course, when I see pink, I think of Sophia.  So pink geraniums adorn our front step this year.

I am so thankful for the sunshine and warmer weather.  I feel like I am getting the wind back in my sails a bit and have found some of my old motivation again.  Although I still get frustrated with my absent-mindedness, I feel good most days.

With a life like this, what’s not to feel good about?

“Amen, amen, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit.”  

John 12: 24

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