Recovering Patio Seat Cushions

We picked up our patio table and chair set on craigslist a few years back and I think we got a steal of a deal. However, having been a used set to begin with and getting lots of wear and tear around here, the seat cushions were getting a bit icky.  So rather than spend $30 each to buy new ones, I waited for a 50% off sale at Joanne’s and recovered them.  I was surprised at how easy it was so I even added a button for a little extra fun.  I spent around $12 per cushion.  Yes, 2 of the chairs are different material because I ran out of the first one and I had bought the last of what they had.  But, I lucked out and the material with yellow in it was an even better price!


IMG_3741 (842x1024)


IMG_3742 (1024x798) IMG_3743 (1024x631)

IMG_3744 (758x1024) IMG_3745 (755x1024)

Just don’t look closely at the stitches!

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