Sophia’s First Birthday in Heaven

July 6, 2013, was our dear Sophia’s first birthday in Heaven.  It is so hard to believe that a year has gone by already. Sometimes it seems like it was so long ago that we held that sweet little girl.  Other times it feels like it was just yesterday.

I had no idea exactly what to do to celebrate this special day so I asked the kids what they had in mind.  Of course, they wanted a party.  Mark and I were not sure exactly what you do to celebrate something like this but we went with it for the kids this year.  I’m sure from here on out it will be a much smaller celebration with just our little family. But for this year, lots of friends and family were willing to join us.

We started at “Sophia’s Place” at the cemetery with some scripture, prayer, and a balloon launch.

IMG_3964 (1024x768)

Mass that day was in memory of her as well so we all headed there after the balloon launch.

IMG_3971 (644x1024)

After Mass, a lot of our friends and family joined us back at the homestead for dinner and a campfire, oh and cupcakes too!  It was a beautiful day and turned out to be a wonderful, relaxing celebration with many of the people who have helped us persevere through the past year.  We are certainly very blessed.

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