LilyWrap Sewing Day

In memory of Sophia’s first birthday in Heaven, we decided to do something sweet to help other families that may experience something like the loss that we had.  I remember in the hospital preparing to deliver Sophia and panicking because I didn’t even have a blanket to wrap her in.  I felt terrible to not have a cute dress or something. When I told the nurse this she casually said not to worry and left the room.  When she returned her arms were full of dresses, booties, blankets, hats, everything we could have wanted, but small enough to fit a tiny little angel.  I was so amazed by the generosity of strangers who donated those things to the hospital, knowing that someone like us would need them.  I was especially struck by the tiny little LilyWrap that was packaged up so cute with a little card that said it was from another baby’s family.  I made a vow then that I would do something to give back in this way.

Nearly a year after that day I finally took that card that was in the LilyWrap package and found the website.  I knew right away that this was how we would give back.

When I contacted April from Lily’s Amazing Grace, she was nothing short of amazing.  She first promised to donate LilyWraps to our hospital in memory of Sophia and then helped me to arrange for our own LilyWrap sewing day.  We would help replenish her supply, which she donates to hospitals across the country.  She provided all of the instructions, we just had to buy the materials and do the work.

So in mid-July, a dozen or so beautiful friends and relatives joined me for an afternoon of sewing.  It was a wonderful day of friendship and craftiness in honor of our sweet baby girl and those families who will be blessed by this ministry.

IMG_4039 (1024x768) (2) IMG_4040 (1024x768) (1024x768)

IMG_4042 (768x1024) IMG_4043 (1024x532)

IMG_4044 (1024x768) IMG_4047 (1024x768) (2)

The ladies:

IMG_4054 (1024x664)

The finished products:

IMG_4055 (1024x588) (2)

We completed 75 wraps that day and my friend Lynn took the leftover material home to add to some that she had and completed even more wraps.  One of my sisters and my niece had previously done some sewing because they couldn’t make it that day and they added to the total as well.  I have to sew a few more ribbons on and pack them up to mail to April but we will be sending over 100 LilyWraps.  I think that’s the perfect way to remember Sophia.


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    What a beautiful tribute to Sophia Maria! You are blessing those families with a tremendous gift.

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    A beautiful and perfect tribute, indeed. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend. Love you guys!

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