What’s been keeping me too busy to sit at the computer long enough to respond to emails, let alone pour my thoughts into a blog post you ask?  Wellllll, let me just show you a little bit about that:

IMG_4844 (768x1024)

Not only is there actually a space available for me to have a canning storage shelf in the basement but someone had to fill that shelf!  I also now have an entire room that goes along with this shelf.  It’s a long story but it only took 16 years for me to gain such a lofty gift as an one whole room for storage.  16 years people!

IMG_4840 (1024x801)   IMG_4848 (1024x679)

School started earlier this month and we are off to a grand start.  We are still working out the kinks of having a third child here during lesson time but it is proving to be more advantageous than not.

IMG_4873 (1024x768) IMG_4874 (1024x623)

Our now-7-year-old princess requested afternoon tea for her birthday celebration.  Since it was so stinking hot outside, we did a little rearranging and moved the party indoors.   It was a perfect.

IMG_4878 (649x1024)

The guys take their serving roles seriously and dress to impress the ladies.  Works every time.

IMG_5082 (1024x938)

This guy, and his friend, met their fate recently and now reside in my freezer.  Enough said.

IMG_4964 (1024x768) IMG_4979 (1024x768)

We are now in full-swing with fall activities, which means:  football, Drama Club, Nature/Game Club, Lego/Book Club, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, piano lessons, and the like.  Hard to believe “socialization” was ever a concern…. Oh yeah, those pictures above are just a couple of awesome ones I took on a recent hike with our Nature Club.  The sun was playing some awesome tricks that day.

IMG_5106 (944x1024)

My dear husband harvested honey in the midst of all of this, which meant selling off our extra.  I sent out an email to our peeps and the honey was all reserved in less than 3 hours!

IMG_5188 (1024x768)

Because we have some truly amazing and generous friends, we just spent a family weekend in Kansas City to celebrate a couple of old folks’ birthdays.  We were gifted an overnight stay in a Marriot and enough spending money that we literally only had to put gas in the van.  More amazing friends/relatives gave us tickets to the Royals game which turned out to be a once in a lifetime game to witness in person.

IMG_5218 (1024x768) (2) IMG_5225 (768x1024)

We spent a few hours at the Lego Discovery Center and walked around the town before heading back home.  It was a beautiful fall weekend and a wonderful get-away with 3 of my favorite people.

IMG_5309 (768x1024) IMG_5310 (768x1024)

Back to reality.  Before we left for KC we had a pipe break in the basement, actually just outside of the basement wall but the water all came leaking into the basement, saturating several feet of carpet.  Oh joy.  We left town anyway. Since we can’t use our kitchen or main bathroom, we figured it was a great time to get outta Dodge.  However, this is the scene as of about a 1/2 hour ago.

IMG_5315 (1024x768)

Today is this guy’s birthday and bless his heart, he left work early to spend the afternoon cutting cement and digging for the broken pipe.  That right there is a good man.

IMG_4847 (768x1024)

So if that doesn’t sum up my life right now, here’s our daily schedule.  As you can see, there is not a single spot that says anything remotely close to “mom time” or “sit down and take a load off time” or “let mom breathe for 5 minutes” but it’s my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    Great blog, Maria!

    I loved reading about Lily’s fun birthday. Good on the guys for that one! The kids look good. You and Mark look good, too! That honey looks really good. I just might start doing that myself. (Neighbor’s already on it.)


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