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One of my most vivid memories of my mom is watching her put on make-up.  I remember her sitting in the bathroom with her little magnifying mirror plucking, smoothing, drawing, “putting her face on” as she always says. My mom would never, ever, consider “leaving the house without her face on.”  Ever.

As I grew into a woman, I bought my own magnifying mirror and assumed my own daily routine of putting my face on.

My 7-year-old is often in the bathroom at the same time as me and will frequently stop and watch what I am doing and ask for “some of that” on her face too.  She watches, taking it all in, just like I did when I was her age.

Recently though while watching that, she asked me, “Mom, why do you put make-up on?”

I was taken aback by that question and quite honestly did not have an answer.  So I told her, “That is a really good question.  I honestly don’t know why I put make-up on.  I guess because it makes me feel prettier.”

Not missing a beat she proclaimed, “Well, that’s silly because I think you are beautiful even without any make-up on!”  Like duh.  

I feel the same way about my mom.  Even pushing 80 years old and without “her face on” I think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever known.

Sophia061 (1024x683){My mom and me just after delivering Sophia}

This little 5-minute exchange now has me questioning myself every single time I stand in front of that mirror with mascara wand in hand.  It’s not that I can’t go without make-up or that I even wear very much.  Truth be told, I am still using blush and eye shadow that I bought over 3 years ago.  Other than a tinted lotion and some mascara I really don’t put much effort into getting made up.  It takes me all of 10-15 minutes to get myself ready in the morning, and that includes brushing my teeth, getting dressed, doing my hair, and “putting my face on.”

At the same time, I do feel weird not wearing any make-up at all.

What I wonder about though is the message that I am sending to my daughter.  Am I telling her that she has to conceal every blemish and accentuate her eyes in order to look beautiful?  Am I telling her that the way God made her isn’t quite good enough and that if she just had a little more pink in her cheeks and thicker eye lashes that then she’d be perfect?

How petty and just plain dumb does that sound?

In my defense I would like to add here that in the last year and a half I have worn make-up much less than ever. With the amount of tears I have shed I realized that eye make-up was a total waste.  However, when I just choose not to wear any, even on a good day, I tend to look like I have been crying even when I haven’t.  That is, if my eyes even appear to be open at all.

So I’m just contemplating how to tread with the topic of make-up as my little lady grows closer every day to the day that no doubt will come when she begs to wear make-up herself.

My gut says to teach moderation and the difference between “classy” and “trashy.”  My husband says I should just stop wearing it too.  He agrees with Lilly.

I am not ruling it out completely but I’m not sure that’s the answer.  Maybe a make-up free month is in my near future, a trial run.

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on this?  Do you always leave the house with your face on?  Never wear any?  If you do wear it, how old were you when you started?


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    I agree with both of them…you are an amazingly beautiful person – inside and out!
    I do not wear makeup on a daily basis. I do find myself putting it on when we go to weddings, parties or if we go out and I want to “play up” my eyes a bit. But it is a tiny amount of powder and blush to even out my color and eyeliner and mascara. Once in a while, lipstick/gloss and eyeshadow. It is kind of a “dress up” accessory for me. But, many if not most days, I look in the mirror long enough to make sure I haven’t missed a tangle in my hair or toothpaste on my cheek.
    I do think makeup helps make us feel pretty on our less than pretty days and for that I have no problem with it. However, I don’t even think twice about leaving without a bit of it on my face.
    My mom also always wore makeup daily and I remember watching her, but I just never really did get into it.
    I think it does kind of go along with presenting your best self to others. I tell the boys this a lot. To me, it’s more of an idea of if they dress nice, they’ll feel more confident and be more assertive and accountable. Not meaning wearing pricey, name brand, hip clothes, but put-together outfits that are clean, fit well and not just thrown together without a care. This is kind of our “make up” conversations here with two boys!!

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      Thank you, Diba!! Your perspective is awesome and I appreciate the view from a mom of boys. I so agree that putting our best foot forward is important. That is really what makes me get dressed and “put my face on” every day. I feel better when I think that I look a little better.

      I’m glad to know someone out there is reading and took time to comment!

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    My face is always on when I go to work, but not necessarily every other time I leave the house. I’m not a heavy makeup user and never have been. I can do it in 5 minutes or less. Some foundation, a little powder, and eye liner. My eyes water a lot so mascara has never been my friend.

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    Lynn, that sounds just like me. My eyes water a lot too, I suppose from allergies. I use waterproof mascara anymore. Miss you!

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