The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Today you are in for a treat!  If you are still around after all these years of reading ramblings from yours truly, you may be extra thrilled to know that the dawn of a new era is upon us.  My dear sweet hunk of burning love husband has finally agreed to write a little something to share on our blog!  Maybe you have been curious to know what the male perspective is like from Our Heavenly Homestead.  Well, wonder no more!  It only took him a few years to get his wits together, er, get his thoughts into writing but I for one am so excited to have him here.

Please help me welcome my amazing, patient, loving, hilarious, not to mention handsome, husband, Mark.

Take it away, Babe.


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This has been a long time coming.  How long I don’t know for sure.  Sometime after the readership of OHH expanded beyond friends and family I casually mentioned to my wife that maybe I could contribute to the blog.  I have always enjoyed writing/journaling.  I was on my high school newspaper staff.  I explored journalism as a possible college major.  She responded to my suggestion/inquiry with an enthusiastic, “Yes that would be great.”  I know it was due in part to the idea that it might lessen the pressure on her to keep the page fresh.

She suggested I could contribute a male perspective of OHH.  That sounded nice, but really this place has always been mostly about Maria and her ideas.  I happily follow along because honestly I don’t have any better ideas.  Maria has always been the planner, designer, and executioner of all things Campbell.  I have tried to fulfill the role of executioner, but in a different capacity.  I’m guilty of often times trying to kill her ideas because they sound like work and responsibility that I don’t necessarily want to sign up for.  Blame it on her wicked good looks and intelligence, but she has a remarkable way of selling me on the pros and making me forget about the cons until I’m lugging a five gallon bucket of water out to the barn in 35 degree below zero wind chills(see future blog post).  Yes, my objections are crushed under the weight of her list of benefits.  Why is it I always feel unprepared for these discussions? Another blog post perhaps?

Regular readers have probably noted how this blog has morphed through the years.  From simply an easy way to scrap book our lives from the comfort of our own home, to sharing home schooling and homestead ideas, to an outlet to grieve and ultimately a place to share our faith.  All along I have had a desire to contribute, but remained unsure how.  I even have an entry about Sophia buried somewhere in a file on my laptop that someday might see the light of day.

Which leads me to this entry.  As Maria and I have discussed this new year we really want to get a grasp of who we are, where we are going, and how we get there.  Of course the short answers are Catholic, Heaven (hopefully), and through Jesus Christ.

What seems to be missing from our lives are the details.  How can we be better Catholics?  What should we be doing between here and Heaven?  How can we grow deeper in our love of Christ and subsequently share it with those we come in contact with?

We want to be more purposeful in the decisions that affect our daily lives.  Without a whole lot of prayerful consideration, we said ‘yes’ to a lot of things over the last 18 months.  Most of them have been good things.  For better or worse, most, if not all of them have helped us in our journey towards salvation.  We said ‘yes’ partly because we think that is what God wants from us.  However, we have come to realize that the Devil can also use our busy-ness to distract us from the goal.  Sometimes it’s okay to say ‘no.’  Not just for ourselves, but so that others may have the opportunity to say yes.

I still don’t know how exactly I’m going to contribute to OHH.  We may look back it this in a few months and say, “Gee, that didn’t last long.”  Or perhaps “He should leave the wit and wisdom to his better half.”  As I stated earlier, Maria is the one with most of the good ideas around here.  If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll agree with her that it’s good idea to have me contribute here- even if it’s just this once.


What do you say?  We’d love to hear some feedback!  Should we let him stick around a while?  


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    You both have so much to share! I love it 🙂

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    Wow, Mark, that was great. It looks like you also have the gift of expression. Keep up the good work. Sharing your faith helps others be strengthened. Love you all!! Great Aunt LaVon

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    From the title I thought you were going to be talking about Hercules.Loved it! A man that lives for Jesus and not afraid to show it. Also loves his wife dearly.

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    Great job Mark. You are a Grandson to be extra proud of. You and Maria together are doing a great job searing to fantastic children. Keep up the good work and never get discouraged. Life is a journey from beginning to end and all in between. Love Y’ll so much.

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    Mark – Wonderful post. Can’t wait to read more.

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    How about this new Twitter handle for Mark: Catholic, husband, father, homesteader, jeweler, daddy blogger, member of the chain gang.

    Ooooh, speaking of, you should write about being on the Grandview chain gang!

    In all seriousness, through your writing and self-reflections here, maybe you’ll even discover some hidden charisms to strengthen your daily walk and bring you (and thereby all us around you) great joy!

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