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Open books:  Family:  The Burgess Animal BookMark:  33 Days to Morning Glory,  Maria:  Signs of Life & Finding True Happiness,  Toby:  Island of the Blue Dolphins, Lilly:  Little House in the Big Woods.

Listening to:  The wind blowing the stink off of winter and hopefully blowing in some spring!

Intentions:  A cousin gone too soon, an uncle on his deathbed, a sick husband, a sick friend.

Thinking about:  Pulling up carpet in the ‘new’ dining room area to use the original hardwood flooring under it.

Unexpected:  We rearranged the entire layout of the main rooms in our home recently.  The living room is now a dining room, the basement is now the family room, and the kitchen now has a sitting area instead of a table.  It feels like a whole new house, and so much bigger!  This is why we are thinking of pulling up the carpet to use the old hardwood.  Pictures to come much later, so much to be done before then!

Discovering:  That I can in fact live without coffee every morning(maybe this Lenten fast will continue past 40 days!?!).  A cup of warm water with lemon oil and honey is a wonderful way to wake up and has so many other health benefits that I started feeling a few short days into it.

Exciting:  I admit, I am a huge fan of Pinterest.  I swore it off for as long as I could, now I’m pinning away.  I mean seriously, how cute is this new spice rack?


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    Looking forward to seeing the new arrangement! And that spice rack is super cool. Nice work.

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