Seventeen and Counting

Prior to our nearly summer long hiatus here at our OHH blog, the tone  was decisively more heavenly then homesteading. For those disappointed by that, this entry isn’t going to win you back. I simply want to use the space we have staked out on the interwebs to wish Mrs. Heavenly Homestead a happy 17th Wedding Anniversary.

It hardly seems possible we are old enough to be married this long. When we exchanged vows seventeen years ago, this blog wasn’t anything we could have imagined. I’m not even sure we were aware that Al Gore had created the interwebs. I don’t recall that we ever discussed having honeybees, chickens or home schooling. In fact we delayed our honeymoon, so Maria could student teach and finish her degree in education. I know we didn’t plan on living in my mom’s house forever. Thank goodness my mom eventually moved out. We expected to have more children on earth than in heaven, and we still plan on taking that honeymoon- someday. There is a saying that God laughs while we’re making plans. If that is true, we are living proof.

You’ve read here before that Maria is the planner, the organizer, and the dreamer of this relationship. Whatever dreams Maria had seventeen years ago, I’m sure I’ve come up short on just about all of them. In fact, in the first five years of marriage I did just about everything possible to ensure that by this time we could have more years apart then we actually had together. Yet still, here we are- about to embark on the greatest leap of faith of our lives. We are stronger and more in love than I ever thought we could be. At times it all seems too good to be true, but when I look at Maria it’s easy to see how it has all become possible.

She is my St. Monica- fervently praying until I found my faith. She is the voice of Mother Mary, encouraging me “to do whatever he tells you.” She claims to be too much like Martha, which I am grateful for. Without her busying around the house, our home would be a disaster. I prefer to think of her as my Blessed Mother Theresa, doing many little things with great love. She is my St. Elizabeth, seeing to it that our children receive the best home education possible.

These are just a few examples that come to mind, and I don’t mean to place Maria undeservedly in the category of a canonized saint. For anyone that knows our journey, my relationship with God is a direct result of her relationship with Him first. I’m not as well versed on the saints of the Church as I would like to be, but I have come to know many of them through Maria’s actions. She is clearly walking a path similar to many of them. She is a beautiful and holy sister of Christ, and I am humbled, honored, and blessed to be her husband. Happy 17th Anniversary My Love.



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    Well, that was the most beautiful thing I have read tonight… and in a long time. Way to go Mr. Heavenly Homestead. You both are very blessed to have one another.

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    This is beautiful, Mark. I especially enjoyed the saint parallels. Happy anniversary to you both. Here’s to many more blessed years. Enjoy your date tonight! #celebratethesacrament 🙂

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