What Solitude?

I had written a post about our word of the year back in late February or early March that never made it to the pages of OHH. In it I mentioned how I thought we would each make our own personal spiritual retreats, along with slowing down, simplifying and saying […]

My Miracle: The Day I Saw Jesus

This past August, 2013, I helped to facilitate the second Christ Renews His Parish retreat at our church. Without disclosing any of the beautiful gifts that are a part of the experience, I feel like it is time to share a gift that I was personally given during that weekend. It was my very own […]

Taking Time vs. Making Time

Solitude as I envisioned it hasn’t quite worked out- at least not yet. We still have our closing meeting for Good News People, which we have been hosting on Sunday nights for the past couple of months. We still have paper work to file before I can officially step down as Financial Secretary for our […]

Finding “normal”

For the past 18 months I have often wondered what “normal” means. What does that even look like? After losing Sophia, our life as a family of 4 has seemed to be anything but normal. Though I’m not sure what normal really means for us, there are a few things about it that I do […]

On being Catholic

The catechesis(faith formation) of the last couple of generations of Catholics has been extremely disheartening. Being a product of that poor passing on of the faith, I feel I can say that without a doubt. Although I feel a bit cheated by the lack of faith formation that I received before adulthood, I am […]


Just checking in to say hello and let you know that I am here, we’re doing well, and that I’ll be back eventually! I blinked and realized that over a month has passed since I last wrote here or really even looked at this site. In trying to keep my […]

Boy oh Boy

This stuff is too good to forget, so I’ve been taking notes! Our little budding theologian has had a lot to say lately. I can hardly believe he is preparing to enter his last year in the single digits! What an amazing young man he is becoming. I love that he is so comfortable in […]

Embracing joy

In light of my last 2 posts I feel the need to clear the air a bit.

When I read blogs I sort of get an overall picture of the person writing it. In general I tend to read ones about homeschooling, homesteading, parenting, and faith. In reading those blogs, I often have to remind […]

Trudging along

Distracting myself with writing about other topics here has been a welcome break lately. Not that I really need to be distracted though, that comes pretty naturally anymore. Multi-tasking is kicking my behind most days. But I keep trudging along; living, breathing, eating, sleeping, teaching, loving, praying, hugging, crying, talking, reading, rinse and repeat.

I […]

Natural Family Planning

In the past month, 2 separate couples that we know have chosen to do away with unnatural birth control methods to embrace Natural Family Planning and have thanked us for being open and honest about it. Can I just start by saying how amazing that is!?!? Although we really can’t take credit […]