Is it really only Tuesday?

It feels like we’ve had a full week already and today is really our first day back from the weekend! We had a busy weekend spending time with great friends both Saturday and Sunday so the weekend really flew by. Lilly has been wanting to help around the house so much that she asks almost


New Do

Lilly and I had a little date this morning, while Toby and Mark went to the dentist! Hardly seems fair but it worked out really well that way. She was tired of the pony tails and long time drying her hair after bath. So, until she is old enough to take care of it herself,


Loving These Winter Days

I’m a little hesistant to say anything for fear of jinxing the mojo but we have been having a really great week around here. We’ve been done with lessons every morning before 9:30 and most mornings at least one of the kids, if not both have been at the table doing a connect the dots