Sisterhood Award

I was surprised to receive another blog award from my very sweet sister-in-law, Sara, who can be found blogging at One Mom, Five Boys and on her new blog Learning the Frugal Life. Since my purpose in blogging is really just to have a place to ramble, to keep family and friends “in the know”


Check these out

For those of you still wondering just what a meme is….. What is a meme? (Hi Mrs. K!) And for my fellow bargain-hunting, coupon-clipping, always looking for a great deal readers….my sister-in-law has started a nice new blog over here at Learning the Frugal Life Here’s what I am up to: *searching for time to


Homemade Books

Last year around this time Toby and I started this project and now that the weather has turned cold we have been inspired by it to create some similar books for him and Lilly. He found the items for the pages and did most of the picture taking for the ABC book. He put the