Back in the saddle again

A little Aerosmith reference for you rockers out there.

I know, I know, it’s been a really long time since I wrote. I won’t even attempt to catch up on all that has happened since my last post.

This morning I found myself with some time to clean off the memory card from the camera […]

New School Room

We have been rearranging and cleaning out the basement so I decided to move the school room to another location. It was in the main part of the basement before and was a mixture of school and play things. I thought that having a room specifically for school may be nice. So, we moved it […]

Sophia’s tree

As a memorial gift when we had Sophia, my siblings gave us a gift card towards a tree to plant in her memory. We picked a Burgundy Hearts Red Bud tree and it was planted yesterday.

It will be full of light purple flowers in the early spring and the rest of the year […]

Growing time!

I am having a hard time keeping up with life right now. Looking through my recent pictures, it’s no wonder why. We have been busy. Busier than usual and busier than I prefer. But today we have been home most of the day and after 6 loads of laundry were washed, dried, and put away, […]

Spring 2013

Spring has sprung and we are off and running with activities and projects. There is always something to do. Usually so many things to do that some things keep getting put off to another day. But life is great and we are super blessed so I am certainly not complaining.

I felt very spoiled […]

When it’s this hot…

We are experiencing a HEAT WAVE, yes in big letters, this week here in the midwest. Being 6 months pregnant and having 2 very outdoorsy type of kids we have been doing our best to beat the heat and stay busy inside as much as possible.

We’ve been cleaning, organizing, rearranging and admiring Lilly’s […]

Our newest nature study subjects

This time of year usually kicks off our science lessons which really consist of a whole lot of nature study each day, whenever opportunities present themselves. Bird watching, hiking, mushroom hunting, and identifying new things we come across are always on our spring agenda. This past couple of weeks alone we have found several new […]

Praying Mantis Morning Surprise

Sometime last fall the kids spotted this interesting thing on the branch of a bush as we were leaving church. Never short of curiosity, they convinced me that we had to take it home and see what it was. Unfortunately, after bringing it home we got distracted, sat it in the “nature window” and never […]

Homestead Happenings-Spring 2012

Although not all things I had hoped would happen this year will be, we have plenty of things that are. Here’s what’s happening on our homestead this spring:

–Signs of spring are everywhere! Crocuses have bloomed, daffodils are looking wonderful, hostas are poking their heads up.

–Bees are buzzing and the hive looks […]

Easy fall mobile craft



Lilly and I spent some time over the weekend doing and easy nature craft. She is very creative and loves to do projects. I saw this idea somewhere on the web and it was just perfect for the beautiful fall day we chose to do it.

First, we set out on a little […]